About Us

RAREVIDSSHOP.COM is an online store that distributes copies of original DVD Discs.


• We always have a hard time finding movies that we want. Sometimes, searching from one store to the others is not always a good solution. Most of the time, the searching was end-up with disappointment.

• To save time consumed in searching movies, collectors start to search their movies online. Once they found their movies, another problem came when they realized that the store was not a local store. Purchased a product for international store is not reliable.


With all the problems that stated above, we decide to take action in giving solution for our movie collectors. RAREVIDSSHOP.COM is our solution. Not only we carry a huge database of movies for collection but also we provide best and fastest service for movie collectors in the whole wide world to get their movies.

Now, with RAREVIDSSHOP.COM, movie collectors can overcome their troubles and get their collections easily without getting headaches.